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These speed reading strategies can help you to increase your reading speed remarkably. I have used these speed reading strategies over a period of time and just sharing which have worked for me.

You will find many articles, videos, and courses online which will promise to increase your reading speed by 300% or 1000 WPM. Most of them are false claims and too good to be true.

You can use these strategies and increase your reading speed by 20 to 30% immediately.

Outcome oriented reading speed reading strategies.

We read to learn something, either we want to learn something new or just try to understand new things.

I have discussed this in bad reading habits as well, having no clear outcome or goal in the mind, we are not even able to finish the book.

Step 1 Keep your goal clear.

I keep my goal clear while reading the books, I ask myself a question about what I want out of this reading material.

Like I read the book “Getting things done”, My focus was on the process of getting things done.

Step 2 Skim through the pages to look for the specific keywords for your reading goal.

Once the goal is identified, I scan through all pages and tick mark the page where I find the content useful to my goal.


For Example, I put a tick mark on the column of pages in the book “getting things done”. It reduces pages required to read drastically.

“Read for Ideas” is the key point to how to speed reading? blog.

Step 3 Read that section only.

After completing steps 1 and 2, I finally read the pages where I believe, the content is useful as per my reading goal.

For example, I read the book “Checklist manifesto”, I got the whole idea of the book from 3 chapters only.

This strategy is more useful for the content you are familiar with, I use this strategy for pre-reading the books and most nonfiction books.

Time-bound reading challenge speed reading strategies.

This one is simple, you challenge yourself to read a certain number of pages or chapters in a fixed amount of time.

The key point here is you have to keep challenging deadlines, otherwise, there is no point.

Step 1 – Get into the alpha state.

The alpha state is the state where the brain is relaxed and at the same time in alert mode.


The alpha state is known best for learning new things.

Take a few deep breaths and count 10 to 1, by the time you reach at 1 you can reach in alpha state.

Step 2 – Set up a timer and target the chapters you want to cover.

In this step, set up a challenging deadline for yourself to read chapters in a certain amount of time.

The deadline should be not so high that you can not achieve or not so low that you can achieve it easily.

Initially, when I used this strategy, I set up a time of 5 minutes for 20 pages.

Step 3 – Read

Well in this, you just read and try to achieve your target in stipulated time.

In step number 3, You can use any of the speed reading techniques, I have shared in earlier posts.


I read using chunking mostly in this step, this allows me to read all the words at the same time and increases my speed remarkably.

Skim, Speed drills, and chunking speed reading strategies.

I have used this strategy to complete a book in a day. It has worked fairly well for me.

Please read my post on speed reading techniques where I have mentioned in detail about skimming, speed drills, and chunking.

Step 1 -Skimming through the whole book.

In this step, I prefer to know about the book more clearly, like the author’s writing style, key points, graphs, and other images.

This process creates a map for me and gives me an idea of where in the book I should put more focus.

I make sure while skimming through the book I spend only 5 seconds per page. Remember we are here to get just key ideas.

Step 2 – Speed drills.

In speed drills, you read as fast as possible for you without focusing on comprehension.

If I have done step number 1 properly, I will have a clear idea of where to focus the remaining content I can just go through as fast as possible.

Remember, Speed drill can be an exhausting exercise itself, never try to read the whole book doing speed drilling.

I do speed drilling in sections, like for important pages my speed drilling speed will be relatively slower, and for other content relatively faster. Read in sections take 5 minutes break and repeat again.

Speed drill can increase your reading speed drastically, but may not help with comprehension.

Step 3 – Chunking or reading in clumps

In this strategy above two steps were more focused on getting the idea of the book as fast as possible.

In this step, we will do the actual reading, but we will try to read two or more words at the same time.

Yes, in chunking we read two or more words at the same time, this helps in removing the bad habit of reading in fixation.

The benefit of doing this step last is, you have already gained the idea of the book, writing style, and important pages to read. This makes chunking even smooth.

The other benefit of doing this exercise after speed drills is your eyes are already practiced to read as fast as they can so you will be able to chunking even faster.

I will not put any false claim here that I was able to read one book in less than an hour.

But this strategy helped me to finish the books which usually need 5 to 6 hours of reading in 2 to 3 hours.

The key point is you should understand what you have read, it is not how many books you read, it is how much you could understand.

These are the speed reading strategies that I use generally. I am also working on some more strategies, I shall keep you posted on the successful strategies here in How to speed reading? blog.

Which speed reading strategies mentioned in the blog you will try, share your experience in the comment section below.

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