Speed reading on kindle – with the best 3 tricks to use todayjust 6 min read

I have been practicing speed reading on my kindle paperwhite for 4 years or more now.

While reading on kindle paperwhite, most of the techniques of speed reading become not so useful.

For example- If you are heavily dependent on the pacer for faster reading, it will not be useful while reading on a kindle or any digital device for that matter.

In this post, I will share my strategy for speed reading on a Kindle device.

Best kindle settings for speed reading on kindle

In order to increase my reading speed on kindle paperwhite, I applied the following best setting for speed reading.

speed reading

The advantage of e-book readers over physical books is you can customize your book as per your comfort. 

Reduce the font size. (Comfortable to eyes)

I have found that keeping larger fonts forces me to read one word at a time, which is bad for your reading speed.

Reduce the font size which is comfortable to your eyes neither too big nor too small. The key here is to increase your vision span or peripheral vision.

Change the line spacing and margin ( Keep in the center)

I keep line spacing to the medium and margin in the center, this helps to read more words on the time.

speed reading test

If you want to read faster, use the chunking method while keeping the margin in the center.

Set the brightness 

I know, you will say we know about brightness, but believe me, brightness is the number one factor for eye fatigue.

If you put a brightness that is too harsh on your eyes, You will get tired or bored easily while reading on the kindle.

Speed reading on kindle paperwhite.

I combine some of the speed reading techniques for speed reading on kindle paperwhite. While we read on any digital device expect your reading speed to slow down.

Make sure you have applied the settings I have mentioned above and the following strategy for speed reading on kindle paperwhite.

Step 1 – Skimming through the book

In this process, I simply skim through the book from start to end.

I spend only 3 to 5 seconds per page, here I am trying to understand the writing style of author, key points, headings, graphs, pictures etc., This helps me to identify where to focus while I will do the actual reading.

Skimming through the book may be a tiresome task on kindle paperwhite, you can change the page orientation to landscape for this process in kindle paperwhite.

Try this, You can read your kindle books online also on kindles cloud viewer, I use it specifically for skimming the book. I put bookmarks or highlight the text which I find important in this step.

Step 2 Reading in Alpha state

I will not say that without Alpha state you will not be able to read fast, but I believe you read much faster in Alpha state.

Alpha state is the state where the brain is relaxed at the same time alert, researchers have found that it is the best state for learning.

Getting into the Alpha state is quite easy, you can listen to binaural beats available on youtube or you can just take a few deep breaths and count 10 to 1. The moment you reach number 1 you must be already in Alpha state.

I always recommend reading in Alpha state, whether you are reading a physical book, e-book, newspapers, blogs, and anything you read.

Step 3 – Reading is chunks or clumps,

If you have already made the changes as the best kindle setting for speed reading, you will find reading in chunks very easy.

Chunking is the process where we read two or more words at the same time. The method is already discussed in techniques of speed reading in detail.

The benefit of keeping the center margins and enough line space will allow you to read more than three words at a time, this will help you read the book even faster.

You can do chunking, by reading two to three words at a time or, may stop and punctuation mark. Whichever method suits you.

I  always try to read at least three words at a time and this helps me run through the content quickly.

Speed reading on kindle App on Mobile.

If you do not have a kindle you can still read Kindle books on the Kindle app on mobile or tablet.

speed reading

You must be aware of the feature of word runner available on the kindle app. 

This feature will allow you to read one word at a time at a speed comfortable to you.

However, I am not a fan of reading one word at a time, because I find it slowing me down. 

I have used that feature for a book or two and found myself doing more subvocalization than before another speed breaker for me.

But My friends who struggle with regression or re-reading problems have benefited a lot from the Word Runner feature on the kindle app. You do not need a pacer and allows you to focus on one word at a time. This may increase your speed.

speed reading

Remember, We are here for a better reading experience and to gain knowledge, If you can save 30 minutes, you can read more books.

How to turn on word runner kindle app

To turn on the word runner kindle app please follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Open a book on your kindle app. 🙂
  2. Click on three dots on the top right corner 
  3. There you will find the option of word runner

Word runner gives options of reading at 50 words per minute to 900 words per minute, I suggest reading at a slower speed first and gradually increasing the speed.

You can also change the text set in the kindle app, keep the font as small as possible but comfortable for your eyes. 

You can also read from different backgrounds, I personally prefer sepia quite easily on my eyes.

You can also change the font, margins, and line spacing. Here I would recommend narrow line spacing, Left alignment, and narrow margin, this will allow me to read in chunks.

Try this method with any e-book reader and share your experience in the comment section below.

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