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Speed reading exercises are your daily weapon to practice and enhance your ability to read faster.

I have come across so many speed reading exercises that are primarily focused on eyes exercises for speed reading; however, I will cover eye exercises as well as some other exercises you can do to increase your reading speed.

Speed reading eyes exercises.

What If you can train your eyes to read more words and be able to increase vision span. are there any speed reading exercises for the eyes?

I have faced eye fatigue most of the time while doing speed drills and reading in triple chunks.

The fatigue to the eyes makes the reader tired or unfocused in reading.

The good news is that you can improve your eyes’ performance by doing some simple exercises mentioned here. Like any other organ, the eyes are also controlled by muscle. So like any other muscle, you can exercise the eyes also.

Squeezing the eyes with deep breathing

It is a short three-minute or so speed reading exercises that can increase blood flow in your eyes and face.

speed reading

It can also help in increasing the flexibility of the eyes. I practice this exercise to real my eyes before starting any reading or the end of the day.

  1. Inhale slowly and as deep as you can, open your mouth and eyes as wide as you can. Try to stretch every muscle of your face.
  2. Exhale slowly and shut your eyes and squeeze them with also squeezing every muscle of your face.
  3. Hold your breath and continue squeezing for some time.

I prefer to do this exercise in five sets. After each stage, I take a small break of, say, 1 minute.

Writing name with eyes.

This exercise is as simple as its name suggests. But, in this, you have to write your name any name with your eyes.

This exercise allows the eyes to quote irregularly. It is because we are habituated to seeing in vertical or horizontal ways. Here is the process.

  1. Sit comfortably and look at the farthest wall. While doing this keep calm and relax.
  2. Now, write your name on the wall with your eyes, practically move your eyes in the motion.

Imagine you have a pen that moves as your eyes move.

It is a simple speed reading exercises, but initially, I struggled to write my name. Our eyes are damaged way more than we think by these digital screens.

Thumb glancing.

speed reading

I use this exercise to increase my peripheral vision. Nowadays, we read primarily on our mobile screens and affect our vision span or peripheral vision adversely.

  1. Stand straight and wide open your arms and put the thumbs up
  2. Now without moving your head, try to see the left thumb and come back to the centre after that try to see the right thumb.

I do another variation to the exercise.

I spread my arms wide upside down and try to see at the top without moving my head and after that at down without moving my head.

If you can increase the vision span or peripheral vision, this can help you to many speed reading techniques quickly. Specially chunking and reading in clumps become relatively less stressful. It is by far the best speed reading exercises.

The Hooded eyes

You can use this exercise to give a quick break or relaxation to the eyes throughout the day.

You can do this exercise twice or thrice in a day or even more.

  1. Close your eyes half and focus on your eyelids, preventing it from trembling.

This will relax your eyelids and eyes significantly.

2. To stop your eyes from trembling, try to see the farthest object with the half-closed eyes.

speed reading

This is a small exercise and can relax your eyes quickly. In addition, this will help you with the speed reading technique of the pacer.

Blinking eyes continuously

Well, this is a well-known exercise for relaxing your eyes.

Whenever you want to take a break from reading do this.

  1. Sit in a relaxed state.
  2. Breath naturally
  3. Blink your eyes as fast as you can.
  4. Do it for 30 seconds and stop.

This exercise has multiple benefits. It is easy to do, it relaxes your eyes almost immediately, and You can read even faster.

Other speed reading exercises

Apart from eye exercises for speed reading mentioned in how to speed reading? Blog, I have found some other speed reading exercises that can also help you to read faster.

Exercise number 1 – Reading in alpha state.

There are several types of brain states out which the alpha state is relaxed at the same time alert state. You can read more about different types of brain states from google.

I do this exercise whenever I am starting to read.

  1. First, sit in a quiet place and relax your body.
  2. Now close your eyes and take deep slow breaths
  3. With each breath count 10 to 1.
  4. By the time your reach at 1 you are at relaxed, alert alpha state.

When you are in this alpha state, you will be able to concentrate more, and your focus will increase drastically.

You can also find many videos on youtube to get into the alpha state. You can start from these music videos and then gradually move to only breathing exercises.

The disadvantage of videos at youtube, you can get easily distracted by suggested videos, ads, or even selecting the best one to listen to.

I recommend doing this exercise every time you are supposed to read something.

Playing games to increase the focus.

I know many of you might tell me, playing video games can not help you read faster.

I find that playing video games on Television helps you to increase your vision span or peripheral vision.

Their number of games online specifically for speed reading, like spotting the difference, reading and remembering the numbers, etc.,

A word of caution, you can not keep playing video games. You have to read also.

So which speed reading exercises did you find most useful in how to speed reading? Blog, share your views in the comment section.

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