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In this article, I will share how to calculate the reading speed test? This test and formula will give you an exact way to calculate your reading speed.

The reading speed is measured in words per minute( WPM), just like your typing speed, which means the number of words you are able to read per minute will determine your reading speed.

There are many online free websites there to calculate reading speed as a test. This website will give you the test to read online to test your reading speed.

However, If you are looking for manual techniques to calculate reading speed, you can read further.

Calculate reading speed with formula 1

 The number of words read/time spent reading that in minutes= Reading speed.

This is the simplest way to calculate your reading speed.

Try this

  1. Set up a time for one minute.
  2. Read any text till the timer goes off
  3. Calculate the number of words you read
  4. That is your reading speed.
words per minute

However, I find this method a little unjust and may not be applicable in a regular environment.

I mean, you read for more than one minute, isn’t it? So for a starter, this method can be suitable, but it may not give you the actual picture.

You can count all words manually on the page and divide that by the number of minutes you took to read that. Or else try formula number 2.

Calculate reading speed with formula 2

Number of words on page/seconds taken to read that * 60 = Reading speed

In this method, you convert the time taken by you to read in seconds and multiply it to 60, which at the end gives us words per minute.

I find this method more accurate than others. Here is a simple process.

  1. Calculate the number of words in two lines and divide them by two. I.e if it is 42 then the word per line will be 21.
  2. Count the lines on the page and then multiply that number with word per lint. For sexample if the page has 40 lines than 40*21 = 840 words on the page.
  3. Set up a stopwatch to measure how much time you take to read that page. Measure in seconds or convert it in seconds not minutes.
  4. Now use the formula as mentioned above words on page/seconds taken to read * 60. For example you have taken 5.20 minutes the second will be 320. Now put it into formula 840/320*60= 157.5 will be your reading speed.

Some of my friends argue that it takes an average number of words per page, not an accurate number. Unfortunately, it may be true in some cases.

If you also count all words on the page manually, it will be near to somewhere mentioned in step number 2.

However, if you have time, you are free to count each number of words on the page to be accurate.

speed reading

Reading is a skill; like any other skill, it can be upgraded and improved upon. You need the tools, techniques, and strategies to improve upon.

Everyone will be at a different level while it comes to reading speed.

What is a good reading speed?

The average reading speed is 150 to 250 words per minute across the globe.

There is nothing like good reading speed. It will be different for different people.

For me, I used to read at 180 words per minute. Now I read at 400 words per minute without losing comprehension, so that reading speed is good for me.

The point is that the reading at which you are fast and not losing comprehension is a good speed for you.

Speed reading scale

  • If the reading speed is less than 100 – Poor
  • Reading speed is 100 to 150 – Weak and needs improvement
  • Reading speed is 150 to 250 – Moderate reading speed.
  • Reading speed is  250 to 350 – Better than average population
  • Reading speed is  350 to 550 – You are already a speed reader.
  • Reading speed is more than 600 – It can be achieved with deliberate practices and patience.

This speed reading scale is for reference points only, and the reading speed also changes based on the reading material we are reading.

words per minute

If you are reading technical material, it will require you to read slowly, and the reading speed will be very low.

If you are reading a novel or light reading material, your reading speed will be comparatively high.

I have finished reading all harry potter books in 32 days while reading for 1 to 2 hours daily.

At the same time, there are books that took me 15 days for one single book to finish.

The point I am trying to make is that if you are getting a low score in reading speed, do not be demotivated.

I have mentioned all the techniques you can use to increase your reading speed and bad reading habits, which slows you down.

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