Improve your reading speed with comprehension

Progressive speed increases with proper techniques

  • 14 Powerful Lessons

    14 Powerful Lessons

    Quick and easy to follow lessons help keep your improvements on track without requiring a huge commitment of your time.

  • 45 Dynamic Exercises

    45 Dynamic Exercises

    By using software, we created advanced exercises that train your eyes and mind in a much more effective manner.

  • Statistical Progress Tracking

    Statistical Progress Tracking

    Track your progress over time. Watch your reading speed, comprehension, and exercise performance improve.

  • Learn With Technology

    Learn With Technology

    After years of research, testing, and modifying our software; we've created our cutting-edge speed reading learning program.

  • Unlimited User Accounts

    Unlimited User Accounts

    With optional password protection, you can track your personal improvements while sharing with the entire family.

  • Instant Speed Reader

    Instant Speed Reader

    Scroll down and watch The Presenter Video. Import any text, choose your reading rate, and instantly start reading faster.

QuickEye – a speed reading software that simply works

Innovation, design and cutting-edge technology helped create an incredibly effective software.

We weren’t the first players to enter the software market, which left us with an unfair advantage. Being able to see what’s currently available by our competitors allowed us to build upon those ideas and create a truly outstanding software that is unrivaled by the pre-existing competition.


QuickEye Speed Reading Software User Accounts

For You, or your whole family

Unlimited user accounts on your computer

Make learning this amazing skill more fun by sharing it with your significant other, kids, or housemates. The software let’s you create as many password protected user accounts as you need.

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Track your improvement separately
  • Keep account data private if preferred

The QuickEye Presenter: Instant Speed Reader

Import the text of your choosing. Set the speed. And have the software “speed read” your text.

One of the most popular features in our software, The Presenter makes reading faster happen immediately. QuickEye will increase your natural reading, but this tool is a great stepping stone as your skills develop. Test this out in the free QuickEye Demo.

QuickEye Presenter | Instant Speed Reader

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